Labor protests at FoxConn smartphone manufacturing plants

Image of female chinese workers on the FoxConn assembly line.

FoxConn workers iPhone manufacturing facilities in Zhengzhou held walkouts on three separate days to protest working conditions at the plant. China Labor Watch estimates that 3,000 workers took part in the walkouts. Earlier that year approximately 200 FoxConn workers in Wuhan, China threatened to commit suicide by leaping from their factory roof in protest at their working conditions. The protests followed a series of worker suicides in 2010 and a similar protest held in January at the same facility.

Foxconn, a large manufacturer that makes electronics parts for brands like Apple, has faced protests over labor conditions. Workers have complained about things like long hours, low pay, and harsh working conditions. These protests have drawn attention to how our gadgets are made and the people who make them. They’ve led to discussions about workers’ rights in the tech industry and how big companies should be responsible for making sure their products are made fairly and safely.

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