An in-person installation of A People's History of Tech in action. Paper notes pinned to a visual timeline.

A People’s History of Tech is a project supported by The Tech We Want and was incubated by the Omidyar Network’s Digital Luminary Fellows.

Production and editorial direction by Emily Best and Sara M. Watson.

Digital experience design and build by Fly Media Productions, in joint collaboration with Flagrant.

Accessibility support provided by Small Technology Foundation. Illustrations by Becky Russell.

Special thank you to Tech We Want Luminary Fellows Coraline Ada Ehmke, Eli Pariser, Jasmine Sun, and Xiaowei Wang.

Additional design support from Chelsey Petty-Dale. Teaser video edit by Kris Boustedt.

And thank you! Contributors to our collective history of tech and future collaborators on building the tech we want.

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